Ontario Provincial Parks

Aaron Provincial Park Entrance © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2021
Aaron Provincial Park
Aaron Provincial Park is located on Thunder Lake in Wabigon, Ontario near the city of Dryden. There are close to 100 campsites with a third having electricity. The campsites are suitable for tents only to large trailers. Facilities include water taps, comfort stations and laundry facilities. Recreational activities including swimming, boating, fishing and hiking are […] Read more
Albany River Provincial Park
The Albany River, a former route for fur traders, passes through a region of rugged, Early Precambrian bedrock. Retreating glaciers, and the river itself, have left their marks in the shape of moraines, drumlins, and a variety of water-shaped landforms. Park Facilities and Activities The park has no visitor facilities. Backcountry canoeing and camping are […] Read more
Albert Lake Mesa Provincial Park
In this nature reserve, you’ll find three types of landforms—moraine, mesa and cuesta—all in one region. A cuesta is a hill or ridge, with a steep face on one side, and a gentle slope on the other. The park is home to many species of liverwort plants and lichens, some rare, and the locally uncommon […] Read more
Algonquin Provincial Park Entrance © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2021
Algonquin Provincial Park
Algonquin Provincial Park was established in 1893 and is the oldest Provincial Park in Canada. The current size of the park is about 7,653 square kilometres of 2,955 square miles. The best way to explore the interior is by canoe or by foot. You can also enjoy camping at one of the eight campgrounds, hike […] Read more
Amable du Fond River Provincial Park
This waterway park protects an ecological link to Algonquin Park. The area offers a variety of recreational opportunities including a popular canoe route linking Algonquin and Samuel de Champlain Provincial Parks. This is a non-operating park. There are no activities or facilities at this park. Read more
Arrowhead Provincial Park Entrance © campinglife.ca
Arrowhead Provincial Park
Arrowhead Provincial Park is located in Huntsville, Ontario. At this year-round park in the heart of Muskoka, hike or bicycle on trails that wander through maple forests and past waterfalls, beaver ponds and homesteader’s farms. Quiet Arrowhead and Mayflower Lakes, and the meandering Little and Big East Rivers, are ideal for paddling, fishing and swimming. […] Read more
Awenda Provincial Park Entrance © campinglife.ca
Awenda Provincial Park
Awenda Provincial Park is located in Penetanguishene, Ontario on over 2,900 hectares of forested lands on the shores of Georgian Bay. Read more